Rated best experience ever!

Porsche 911 Turbo Supercar Driving Experience

  • Experience unparalleled exhilaration behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 Turbo!
  • Professional instructors will guide you to explore the cars potential.
  • Turn dreams into reality and embrace the pulse-quickening rush of supercar performance like never before!


Details on the experience

For anyone who has dreamed of driving a Porsche, this driving experience in Gauteng South Africa is an exciting way to get behind the wheel of a Porsche supercar!

Arriving at the venue you’ll immediately feel the excitement in the air as you check-in for your drive. First, you’ll receive a full safety briefing and track tuition before your driving experience.

Then you’ll venture out on-track where you’ll put a Porsche through its paces. Testing your skills on the straights and the corners you will get 10km to experience the capabilities of this high-performance driving machine. You can purchase as many extra laps as you would like on the day.

Our trained instructors will give you driving tips from the passenger seat, empowering you to get the best from the cars and the track. On the day you can add additional driving experiences such as additional supercar drives, racing car drives and high-speed passenger laps.

The Car
Get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime with the extraordinary Porsche 911 Turbo!
With 500 HP and all wheel drive this Porsche will leave you astonished by its acceleration and handling. The manual gearbox is super smooth and so rewarding to use.

Upcoming Dates

Saturday 27th January – Gerotek Vehicle Testing Facility

Saturday 16th March – Gerotek Vehicle Testing Facility

Sunday 26th May – Gerotek Vehicle Testing Facility

Saturday 27th July – Gerotek Vehicle Testing Facility

Saturday 28th September – Gerotek Vehicle Testing Facility

Saturday 23 November – Gerotek Vehicle Testing Facility

Frequently asked questions

Allow a two hours at the venue for this experience.

Book one of our scheduled bi-monthly events or book a date for your exclusive, customizable shared experience.

If weather conditions are not suitable, another day will be allocated.

An SA Drivers license is required to drive the vehicles. Passenger rides from 12 years old.

Spectators can watch from the spectator stand and are most welcome to attend for free.

Choose Your Package

Race Car Drive

  • Experience the high-performance feeling of a race car.
  • Experience unique handling and agility unlike that of a road car.


Supercar Drive

  • Drive an Audi R8 v10 or a Porsche 911 Turbo (manual) on track and have an. unforgettable experience!
  • Professional instructors will guide you to explore the car’s potential.


Need More Info?

Need More Info?

Ferrari Supercar Driving Experience

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    track and have an unforgettable
  • Professional instructors will
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Drive The Rivals

Drive the Audi R8 v10 and the legendary Porsche 911 Turbo back-to-back and decide for yourself which one should wear the crown.